Now Hiring?

Finding a job after the pandemic


Miranda Schnitker


Currently, for those under the age of 18, it seems almost impossible to get a job due to the loss of jobs caused by the CoronaVirus. High School students sometimes get a bad reputation for not being consistent with their work and being lazy, but some truly need to help their families and provide. For those of you who need jobs, or just want one to have extra cash, many local stores and restaurants are hiring from ages 16 and up.

With the pandemic, school, sports, and other factors that prevent us from having a lot of free time, companies are becoming more lenient with students willing to work. Most stores allow you to pick your hours and contact you with ample time if they want to schedule you for a certain day or time. In Winter Park, we have restaurants, gaming stores, fast food, clothing, and grocery stores hiring for most ages.

On Park Avenue, the well known athletic clothing store, Lululemon, is hiring. Their age minimum requirement is 18 to be a part of their business. Your opportunities with them include being a cashier, sales associate, seamstress, merchandise handler, or even assistant manager. Their average hourly wage is 15 dollars. On Park Ave, Starbucks is also hiring with a minimum age requirement of 16. Being a barista means you are the face of Starbucks for your customer. Their mission is to bring a personal connection to every order and strongly promote complete and consistent kindness to all customers no matter their differences.

Moving on to a little bit off of Park Ave, seemingly everyone’s favorite breakfast and brunch spot, First Watch. First Watch hires at 16 for the positions of cashier and server, you must be 18 or over to work in the kitchen. One of the best perks of working at First Watch is there are no night shifts, ever. A smiling face is always required to ensure that your customer’s day starts out great. There is a location currently on Aloma Avenue and another location opening on Orlando Avenue Across from Trader Joe’s. 

Speaking of Trader Joe’s, they are also hiring for people ages 16 and up. The current available positions are crew member, cashier, and assistant manager. Personally, I am biased, because I love Trader Joe’s and would work there in a heartbeat. Hourly pay averages around 15 dollars here. 

Just down the road, another grocery store, Whole Foods, is hiring those ages 16 and up and pay an average 15 dollars an hour as well. Average shifts last anywhere from 4-8 hours and team members receive their schedules 3 weeks in advance. One really interesting thing at Whole Foods is for those 18 and up, you can be an in store shopper. This means you take the lists given to you by Prime Now shoppers and prepare them for the shopper to pick up outside of the store. This allows for convenience as well as safety during the pandemic. 

Finding jobs may not always be the easiest task as a High School student, but with these amazing companies, they care about and will do their best to cater to your individual needs.