The Downfall of Sha’Carri Richardson: Will She Get Back Up?

Amiyah Underwood, Reporter


Sha’Carri Richardson is an American Olympic track and field athlete. In June 2019, she became well known breaking the 100-meter record at the National Collegiate Athletic Association. At this time, she was only 19 years of age. Two years later, in early 2021, she became the fourth fastest woman in history.

Everything Began To Crash

Just a few days before winning the 100-meter race, Sha’Carri was told her biological mother had passed away. To cope with her death, Sha’Carri used marijuana. According to, she was suspended from running for a month. She submitted a video to the world apologizing for not controlling her emotions, etc. In the video she states, “I’m a human, I’m just like you, just run a lil’ faster.”

This quote showed us that Sha’Carri is human and we make mistakes. It just so happens, her mistake greatly affected her and the community she touched.


There are many responses to Sha’Carri Richardson’s slip-up including the thoughts of these two students:

“I think that she smoked weed underneath the influence because she was stressed with her mom dying and she stressed with the competition going on. I do not think it should be blown out of proportion but then again she knew what she was doing when she did it. So, you get penalized for doing what you know you shouldn’t have done.”    – Iayanna Greer, junior at Winter Park High School

“Today with legalizing marijuana, her mother passing away, and going through things; it was saddening. She should have been able to run.” – Anonymous

Although the majority of the consensus feels Sha’Carri is down for the count, there is also still hope that she will overcome this obstacle.