School Stress


Samuel Strohl, Reporter

School can be a great environment for kids to learn and grow mentally.You learn that two and two make four, that clouds are made of water,and that democracy is the best system of government. Schooling issomething that shapes your life moving forward, so it can certainly be amajor point of stress for most students, especially for high schoolerssuch as those at Winter Park.
Memorizing, writing, equating, editing, presenting, studying, andanalyzing are things that high schoolers have to do constantly in theirschool work. Seven classes – each with their own curriculum, reviews,notes, homework, and exams. Any student would be lying if they saidthat staying on top of their studies all the time is not tough. However,the difference between a productive, effective student and a failing oneis how that person channels and controls their school stress by turning itinto something productive.
Take your math class for instance. Math is undoubtedly one of themost commonly stressful classes for high school students. The constantquizzes and tests are certain to put pressure on you. But what you mustnot do is give in to this pressure to give up. It is rational that the moreyou do not try to understand, the deeper you will fall into a hole ofconfusion. This hole is dug deeper and deeper by no one’s hands but yourown. By not doing your work, you are hurting your grades which in turnwill make you even more stressed out. This cycle of stress is far toocommon for the average student and can actually harm physical andmental health. Constantly worrying over school can actually kill bodilycells, change your mood negatively, or make you lash out.
There are effective tactics to beat stress that every high schoolstudent should employ. Below is a list of ways to combat unendingfeelings of anxiety and stress from school:
1) Go outside and take a walk- Some fresh air and physical movementis sure to loosen you up as well as calm you down. This can helpyou think more clearly and function better
2) Drink a glass of ice water- A nice tall glass of water can refreshyour system and get your brain fired up. Water is one of the bestthings for your body, so whenever you’re feeling stressed out,nourish yourself with some H2O.
3) Breaks- Take breaks while you work on homework and studying! Do15 minutes of work, then take a 6 minute break to breathe or eatsomething. Keep doing this and before you know it you will bedone.
4) Take some Breaths- If you are feeling tight and anxious, take 5slow deep breaths. This oxygen can nourish your brain and bodyand make you feel naturally better.
5) Go talk to someone- When you are under pressure from work andresponsibility, it is easy to get stuck in your own head and feelmoody. Go have a nice conversation with a family member or call afriend, even just to hear another person talk. It can calm youdown and give you a reminder that others are there to supportyou.
6) Incentives- Give yourself a reward for tackling school work! Aftereach assignment or homework sheet you do, indulge in somethingyou enjoy.
School can always be a tough ride, but we should never allow it tojeopardize our health or well-being. Always remember that you are asignificant human being with smarts and the ability to tackle problems.