The Student Athlete Life Style

The Student Athlete Life Style

Brooks Petrie, Reporter

Being a student in school comes with many tasks, especially for a student-athlete. “Student-athletes have to face many challenges every day to get their duties done,” fellow peer Henry Brown says. 


Being a student-athlete myself for the past nine years, I have had to find different approaches to succeed in my sport and school. There are many other challenges throughout my week that I have to face, but at the end of the day, it gives me lessons that could be useful in the future. Managing my time is a significant conflict that my friends and I have to face. Trying to fit in the seven hour school day, then homework, and then at-home responsibilities all before practice is a struggle.


For me, I get home around 2:45 pm.  Depending on what I have going on after school, I have to manage my time and get my homework done, along with at-home responsibilities, all before getting ready for practice. Usually, I leave around six o’clock to get to my gym, and then my practice starts at 7:30 pm at night and goes till 10:30 pm. After a 20 minute drive back home, I don’t get home until almost 11, and after showering, eating dinner, and finishing homework I am not in bed until 12:30 pm at night. Then I have to turn around and wake up at 6 am for school the next day. Getting a minimum of 6 hours of sleep every night along with how exhausted my body is from school and practice is truly the most challenging battle of being a student athlete.  


By Wednesday, I am exhausted, and my body is drained. Fellow student athlete Ella Bryant says, “This is also my daily routine that my teammates and I have to go through but still manage to get good grades along with it”. Juggling these different assignments has become a daily and weekly routine I have to go through. Though it is difficult at times, It keeps me busy, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.