The Puppy Bowl


Erin Stanley, Reporter

The Puppy Bowl is an event that showcases adoptable puppies and their adorableness. In this year’s puppy bowl over 33 states brought over 100 contestants for this wonderful event. All of the participants are divided into two teams, Team Ruff coached by Martha Stewart, and Team Fluff coached by Snoop Dog. Out of the 100 contestants 5 of them have come from the Florida Little Dog Rescue in St. Cloud. 


The puppy bowl first started in the year 2005 and has been a great success for adoptable animals. There has been a 100% adoption rate of all participants at the Bowl. The events consist of puppies showing off their chase, fetch, guard, heel, and sprinting abilities. Then for the halftime show kittens will be brought out to steal the spotlight and have their adoption stories told. The sole purpose of the Puppy Bowl is to promote adoption from local animal shelters near you. In the U.S. alone there are about 6.3 million dogs and cats put into shelters every year. On top of that number, only 6% of that is strays, and around 4.1 million animals in shelters are adopted.


 A story from the 2021 puppy bowl shares a wonderful story about a Chow Chow mix named, Chunky Monkey. She is an adorable ball of fluff that became famous for taking a nap during the puppy bowl. She was just 15- weeks old when she was put into the puppy bowl. Chunky Monkey gained quite the exposure all over social media. People were tweeting about her and sending love from all over. There were so many people interested in this adorable pup, but she did find a loving home. Chunky Monkey or now known as Ellie lives in Virginia with her loving owner Cassandra Asekhauno.