Dylan Fitsimones: Bouncing Back From Injury


Emma Scarelli, Reporter

With any sport comes injury. Whether the sport is contact or not there are many ways mistakes could happen. Dylan Fitsimones, senior cheerleader, tore her ACL during her sophomore year while tumbling. “ I had to get surgery and go to physical therapy to get back to my normal and healthy self,” Fitsimones said.

The injury made her watch from the sidelines and lose months of progression. This athlete was not about to relish in the past for long, “I knew that the faster I got better, the faster I could help my team reach their full potential. I also needed to get back to the sport that I loved!”

She says there are so many people that have pushed her to have this mindset, especially her mom. “My mom has impacted me specifically because she has always pushed me to be the best version of myself. She has demonstrated that no matter what other people are doing I need to do my best and push myself to my limits. She has inspired me to go after my dreams and conquer what I want that makes me happy.”

Fitsimones was a gymnast for 8 years. She was at the gym every day training and would even left school early to fit in all the rigorous hours. When ninth grade came around, she decided it was time for a change and tried out for the Winter Park Competition Cheerleading team. She has been on the mat for 3 years and is completely dedicated to the success of the team, even through her injury. 

When asked about her future target for the team, Fitsimones said, “For this season my goal for the team is to do the hardest and cleanest routine we can do. My goal is to hit every routine we compete and that will lead us to Nationals. My goal is to be one of the top five teams in the Nation. The way that we will achieve this goal is to make our team like a family, making sure everyone is comfortable expressing themselves.” Dylan has already started turning this year’s team into family material. Outside of cheer she enjoys hanging out with team members and “making memories for the books.”

This year’s team is looking promising for all the athletes, there is so much talent and competitiveness throughout, it radiates good energy. The ability to bounce back from a hindering injury in good spirits is just what a competitive team needs. Dylan Fitsimones is an asset. 

After graduation, this athlete wants to attend Florida State University, University of Georgia, or Auburn University in the fall of 2022. If she goes to FSU she wants to try out for the university’s cheerleading team.

“I heard there is a circus at this school, might try and have a little fun!” Fitsimones is pumped for the future, she is gonna do big things.