Troupe 850


Sadie Church, Column Editor

And Troupe 850 proudly represents Winter Park High’s thespian troupe! The theatre department at WPHS is bursting with creative minds, talented individuals, and an amazing thespian troupe led by committed officers. Each year they put on an amazing fall show and compete in district competitions and showcases. While they are constantly advertising on the school news and updating on their more than aesthetic Instagram page, I wanted to get a closer look at what Troupe 850 is and how it functions as cohesively as it does. To get the inside scoop I spoke with Zander, the Junior President and Caroline, a member of the social media team who were more than happy to share some wonderful things about their troupe!


S: Let’s start with a pretty simple question, when was Troupe 850 established at Winter Park High School?

Zander: I’m not sure when it was established at Winter Park, but I do know that the thespian organization as a whole was formed in 1929.

Caroline: I’m honestly not 100% sure! All I know is that it’s been here as long as I can remember

S: Describe your troupe in three words.

Z: expressive, friendly, community

C: exciting, accepting, challenging

S: What is Troupe 850’s mission?

Z: shaping lives through theatre education; honoring student achievement in theatre; supporting teachers by providing professional development, resources, and recognition; and influencing public opinion that theatre education is essential and builds life skills.

C: to discover things about ourselves, create a family, and share our talents with others

S: What are some activities/things you do in this organization?

Z: In this society, we create and perform. This is a society made up of multiple schools. At our school we perform shows as well as compete. Every year we go to an event called districts where we go and compete by showing our skills in multiple events.

C: I love how open and transparent everyone is with each other. theatre requires lots of vulnerability to reap the greatest reward and we have created a very safe place for members to be comfortable in doing so. 

S: What is the officer process like? Do officers in your club have a lot of responsibilities?

Z: Yes; our officers are the backbone of the troupe/department. We uphold the reputation as well as do outreach and are the step under the directors.

C: Interviews and applications are required to become an officer as well as participation in the troupe. With the help of our teachers, troupe 850 tries to prepare us for the real world by letting meetings and events be students run to an extent and giving the officers a say in large decisions as well as an open forum to present new ideas.

S: What made you want to originally join Troupe 850?

Z: I wanted to join this society because I knew it would help me later in life. I was and still am able to establish connections with others. However, the people were also a big factor contributing to the reason for me joining.

C: My love of theatre! My sister was also a member before she graduated

S: How does your organization make Winter Park High a better place?

Z: We give students the opportunity to get interested in the performing art in an extracurricular way. It gives students a chance to try things out without having to be fully committed.

C: Troupe 850 establishes a safe environment for people to partake either back stage or onstage and better themselves as well as their craft.

S: Is there anything you’d like to say to the student body?

Z: Join thespians!!!

C: If you have a love of theatre on stage or backstage come join troupe 850 and help us reach the local community by sharing love and talent!