The Winter Park Football Team Celebrates Senior Night and a Win


Alexandra Miller, Sports Column Editor

The Winter Park Wildcats took the field for their last regular season home game and senior night Thursday night. The Wildcats took the win by crushing Colonial 49-0. They are now 6-2, and are preparing to face-off against the Timber Creek Wolves who are also 6-2 this Thursday night at Timber Creek. The Wildcats have to bring the same energy they brought against Colonial to Timber Creek this Thursday in order to win.

The Wildcats differed in the first quarter and from that moment on they meant business. Jamari Shaw #4 was not stopped by Colonial’s defense, and put his legs to work with some long runs. TJ Shifflet #11 started off the masses of touchdowns to come in the rest of the game during the first quarter. Torian Roberts #8 was the next to get a touchdown. Then to follow, a touchdown was made following an interception by Wil Watson #20, which ended the first quarter with a score of 21-0.  

The second quarter was led by yet another interception that resulted in a touchdown by Torian Roberts #8, with his second touchdown of the night. That finished the first half with a score of 28-0.

The second half started with Colonial punting the ball to the Wildcats. Jamari Shaw’s #4 run-game came to his benefit when he got the next touchdown. That ended the 3rd quarter with a score of 42-0.

In the fourth quarter Colonial was going to punt when Neil Vertilus #15 blocked their punt attempt and got a punt return out of it which tacked on another touchdown by the Wildcats. Two caught interceptions followed with one by Jackson Winberg #81, and another one made by Walker Adkinson #10 which resulted in a touchdown. That brought the game to an end with a score of 49-0. 

Coach Miller, the Offensive line coach, stopped by to answer a couple questions. When he was asked who he was the most proud of and why, he said, “I am proud of the seniors because this is their night and they’ve been very focused.” Next he was asked what he has to say to the seniors for their final home game and he replied,” As an alumni from Winter Park High School, and as a person who’s been able to enjoy senior night before that, it’s all about being a Senior and being a Winter Park Wildcat.” 

The regular season might be coming to an end but the Wildcats are focused on the playoffs and what’s to come. They have the dedication to make it far, and with the rest of Winter Park High School behind them hopefully they will do just that.