Ole Red


Erin Stanley, Reporter

Ole Red is a restaurant located in Orlando, Florida off of International Drive. International Drive features some of the most popular, family-friendly and interactive places in Orlando. It has a variety of places for people of all ages and is an area everyone can enjoy. The restaurant was created and is owned by famous country artist Blake Shelton. Ole Red was established in 2019 and it includes free live music, a gift shop, a full bar, upstairs dining and sometimes even a guest surprise from Blake himself.

When you walk in you are greeted with friendly employees, a large stage and a gift shop on the left. On the immediate right there is a big glass case that holds an outfit that Blake performed in. As you walk through the dining area on the bottom floor and look up you will see an upside-down tractor hanging from the ceiling along with pictures on the wall of famous country artists and the dog “Ole Red” himself. They currently have a limited menu which includes some fried pickles, nachos, smoked wings, different salads, burgers, sandwiches, tacos, tater-tots, honey drizzled cornbread and delicious desserts turtle funnel cake and ooey-gooey tub-o-fudge brownie. With a full menu I would expect to see more sides, sandwiches, desserts, stuff that Blake himself enjoys and would make for his family. I would also like to see a wider variety of non-alcoholic beverages.

The reason for choosing Orlando as the next spot for a restaurant is in the quote by Blake Shelton himself from Orlando The City Magazine. “I think it is impossible to visit Orlando and not have a good time, and that is why I know Ole Red is going to fit right in.” There is a lot of meaning and value to Blake behind his restaurants as they refer to one of his greatest hits of all time, “Ol’ Red”. Ole Red Orlando is one of four restaurants. Other locations currently in operation include Nashville, Tennessee, Gatlinburg, Tennessee and Tishomingo, Oklahoma.