Valentine’s Day: A Day for Love

Valentines Day: A Day for Love

Jade Ransom, Reporter

Valentine’s day is quickly approaching and some people already have plans in motion. It’s a holiday where you express your love for your loved ones, whether it be your significant other, friends, parents, siblings, or relatives. There are many activities that can be done on this day for love that many can enjoy. You can do things like making cards, candy heart necklace making, decorating, and getting your loved ones and friends Valentine’s day gifts. For the couples, there are things like romantic date nights, breakfast in bed, getting flowers, etc.

It’s a good time to really express your love for those you really appreciate. Students sometimes bring valentine’s gifts for their
friends to school and exchange their presents for each other. Some students also dress up for this holiday and some teachers like to decorate their classroom a little just to get in the spirit of the holiday. Students can write letters, make cards, make collages, etc. for their friends and classmates to celebrate the holiday at school.

While Valentine’s Day does fall on a weekday, this is still a holiday many are excited for and happy to participate in. In high school, a lot of students are in relationships so they want to do more romantic activities like going on dates or just getting gifts and writing letters to each other. I interviewed a student or whether they had plans for valentine’s and if so what are their plans. When asked, the student anonymously stated “I don’t have anything planned yet but I might just get stuff for friends and family.”

Since there is school on Valentine’s day most students won’t be able to go out during the day, but there are still places you can
go to after you get out. You can go to the beach, a restaurant, park, movies, home, or even a virtual concert. Valentine’s day is a day to appreciate one another, it’s always good to show and let people know that you love them and this is the perfect day for that.