Black History Month Tribute

Black History Month Tribute

Jade Ransom, Reporter

It’s February and that means it’s time for black history month! Black History Month is a celebration of the impacts and achievements that the African American community has accomplished.

This month is very special and is filled with joy and celebration.  It celebrates a culture that has fought so hard for its place in this country. Black History Month celebrates people like Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Harriet Tubman, Muhammed Ali, etc. Their impact on this world will always be remembered and appreciated, not just for this month but forever.

In school, we have learned about the achievements and impact of African Americans, for example, Martin Luther King Jr. marched and made speeches about equality and freedom and no violence, Rosa Parks refused to get out of her seat and stood her ground against inequality, Harriet Tubman had an underground railroad to help other slaves escape, etc. Black history month gives everyone a chance to really get to know this culture and heritage and understand it better. When a Winter Park student was asked what Black History Month means to them they said, “Black history is a part of my culture and I’m happy that we have a whole month to celebrate it.” Black History Month shows the African American community that there is hope and so much opportunity.

Black history affects many students at Winter Park and is and is an important part of history. Here at Winter Park, we honor someone who has contributed to helping Black history every day on the school news.