Ukraine Update


Sam Strohl, Reporter

It has been about a month since Russia began its assault on Ukraine. People around the war see that this war is being fought simply at a dictator’s wish, with no real conflict between the Russian and Ukrainian people. Nonetheless, Russian troops have bombed buildings, streets, and homes. Though even the Russian soldiers themselves have no concrete objective or justification for the destruction, Vladimir Putin’s flawed ideals and twisted goals have put the Ukrainian state in crisis as bombs ad gunfire rain in the streets.  


Though this crisis cast darkness over the current state of global politics, there is always human hope, empathy, and determination on the other side of terror and violence. Many of the Ukrainian people have become adept with rifles and handguns as they see little choice but to directly help to defend their young democratic nation. Ukrainian forces have effectively eliminated thousands of Russian troops, as well as multiple top Russian generals. The outdated and unorganized Russian army is proving to be unequipped for a long-haul siege in Ukraine. Despite the fear and terror that Putin has created in Europe, NATO and Ukraine are doing a great job at fending off the aggressors.


Not only this, but millions of Ukrainians have successfully fled to neighboring states, with around three million refugees settled in Poland. There is indeed room for hope, so long as we come together and continue to help our European friends with aid and support. As a matter of fact, Winter Park High school has started a program to send donated supplies to wounded Ukrainians. You can donate food or medical supplies like syringes, bandages, and clothes to the cause. If you wish to help Ukraine, see a Winter Park teacher for information.