Eco Club


Margeaux Aydt, Reporter

One of the many extracurricular activities open to Winter Park High School students is the opportunity to join after school clubs. These clubs are created by Winter Park’s very own students. They offer a wide variety of topics and interests to choose from. During club rush, club leaders presented information and answered questions in hopes of getting new recruits. I personally interviewed eco clubs co-president Anna Schnitker to gain the inside scoop on the environmentally friendly club. “In eco club we promote sustainability by participating in beach and campus cleanups, thrifting, and eco-friendly arts and crafts. We also have guest speakers to provide information on local events and simple things you can do to help out the community.” According to Schnitker, the club helps benefit the school by, “making Winter Park a cleaner place to learn.” Anna says that her favorite part of holding a leadership position in the club is ,“meeting other people who share similar interests in sustainability.” You can sign up for eco clubs Reminds by texting @ecowphs to 81010 or you can find them on instagram at @wphseco.