Auburn and LSU visit Winter Park High School

Auburn and LSU visit Winter Park High School

Bryan Gonzalez, Reporter

Winter Park High School students had the opportunity to attend college visits for Auburn University and Louisiana State University this Tuesday, November 1st. Both visits had approximately 40 students in attendance at the media center.

Winter Park hosted Auburn University first during third period. The meeting was conducted by Haylee Dorrill, Auburn’s Florida admissions advisor, as well as for several states across the Midwest. Ms. Dorrill, an alumna and proud Auburn citizen, recounted about the school’s many sports traditions and discussed the local lemonade available at Toomer’s Drugs, a very popular destination featured in magazines such as Southern Living. Senior Emma Gres, who was in attendance at the meeting, says she found the meeting “super helpful.” “I enjoyed having an admissions officer who attended the school fairly recently,” Gres remarked, “and was able to give us an in depth look at what our schedule and student life would be like. Just in general, I think the college meetings have been super helpful, being able to ask questions about admissions, tuition, and scholarships.”

LSU then took over the media center during fourth period. Mayson Schutt, LSU’s admissions counselor for Orlando, Tampa, and Indiana, gave a very casual yet informative discourse about all the things that LSU has to offer. Ms. Schutt answered many questions regarding meal plans and LSU’s very lively social community, including Greek Life. Also discussed were the many Mardi Gras traditions that LSU students have the privilege of attending in Baton Rouge, which seemed very appealing to several of the students listening. 

Both advisors encouraged students to keep in touch with them if they had any questions. To contact Ms. Dorrill, she may be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone at (334) 844-6489. For Ms. Schutt may also be reached by email [email protected] or by phone at (225) 578-4528.