School Simulation


Sam Strohl, Reporter


Simulation theory is a scientific and philosophic topic that can be endlessly discussed. The rudimentary idea is that reality as we know it is one big simulation, like on a computer or video game, possibly even run by superior aliens. Similar to multiverse theory, the simulation idea is hard to give merit to because it really cannot be proven true or false, which is the basis for any scientific laws or theorems. 


At first, it is easy to throw this idea out the window when you first hear it. You can feel and smell things, have thoughts, hold feelings of love or hate, so it all must be real right? Though if you take a look at how far we have come in our creations of virtual worlds, like how we have gone from basic digital tic-tac-toe in 1950 to having virtual reality headsets as early as the 90s. It isn’t unfathomable that a simulation could eventually be created that mirrors all aspects of reality down to the most finite details of cells and atoms. 


Have you ever felt deja vu or the repeat occurrence of the same situation or event? Have you ever thought about something happening in the near future, and that exact event occurs before your eyes soon after? These notions are by no means proof or evidence of our world being simulated, but playing around with these ideas can be fun. The simulation topic is so loaded and can be discussed for hours, but for our purposes that wouldn’t be constructive. Let us see what a couple of Winter Park High students think about this idea.


“I really don’t care whether we are organic or artificial, I choose to enjoy my life no matter what,” says Rafael Masdiaz, a Junior here at Winter Park. It seems Masdiaz knows that the nature of reality is simply out of his control, so he may as well just enjoy what he can control. Another student named Carmen Rivas says, “ I don’t think it’s a simulation, but I can see why people may think that, maybe because of depersonalization”. Rivas makes a very interesting point in this, as depersonalization is the feeling that you are disconnected from your thoughts and body, like an outside observer. This feeling can certainly make the simulation idea plausible at least.


So next time you find yourself in the halls amongst the other ones and zeros, think about some ways to truly understand the nature of reality around you. Decide for yourself whether you think your world is fake or real, and then decide what you will do with that conclusion.